How do Marketers Stand Out in the the Age of Generative AI?


As AI rewrites the rules, can marketers still be the game-changers in this digital renaissance? 

Hanna Suarez tackles this intriguing challenge in our latest Scienz AI video, questioning whether the human element in marketing can thrive alongside advanced AI technologies. 

Join Hanna as she navigates the intricate balance between leveraging AI for innovation and maintaining the irreplaceable touch of human creativity. Her insights provide a sneak peek into blending data-driven strategies with personal flair.  

Watch the video or read the transcript below to see how you can harness the power of AI while keeping your marketing distinctly human. 

The Role of Generative AI in Marketing 

“Hi there, I’m Hanna Suarez and I’m here to address a burning question posed by Scienz AI: How do marketers differentiate themselves in the age of generative AI? First, we have to remember that no matter how smart generative AI becomes, it is still not a replacement for people. Computers have their strengths, but so do humans. In marketing, that means embracing the proprietary and human elements of your business.” 

Leveraging First-Party Data for Personalization 

“So, there are two things that I believe marketers must do: leverage your first-party data to personalize your marketing. With machine learning and NLP nowadays, it’s much easier for brands to delve deeper into personalization and audience insights, allowing marketers and even product teams to deliver almost a one-to-one experience for their customers. Consider how you can apply this to your customer analysis and then scale your content production with AI.” 

The Human Touch in AI-Generated Content 

“Secondly, always put your creative humans in the loop. Don’t treat AI-generated content as a final product. It’s up to your human marketers to verify your content’s credibility before using it and ensure your content is always on brand. So, to stand out, mine the gold in your proprietary data and remember to stay human.” 

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