How AI will Impact the B2B Marketing


Unlike consumer marketing, B2B marketing involves intricate processes, long sales cycles, and a multifaceted buying environment, often involving numerous stakeholders. AI’s capability to manage and streamline these complex processes makes it a game-changer. It offers unparalleled opportunities in data management and lead generation, revolutionizing the traditional methods of marketing.

In this video, Scienz AI’s Barry Harrigan, an industry expert in B2B marketing at Demand Science sheds light on the significant advantages AI brings to managing and optimizing the multifaceted processes of B2B marketing, from data management to lead generation. Listen in as Barry explores the strategic implementation of AI in what he calls ‘Marketing Science’ and how Demand Science applies it in automating and reengineering every aspect of the B2B marketing continuum, creating innovative and proprietary solutions. 

This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in how AI is transforming content creation and strategy development in B2B marketing. Watch our video or read the transcript to grasp how Demand Science is utilizing AI to redefine marketing science and gain a first-mover advantage in this exciting domain.

AI’s Transformative Role in B2B Marketing

Cyndy: Barry, how do you see AI impacting marketing? 

Barry: Well, you know, I think AI is going to have probably the biggest effect on B2B marketing, versus consumer marketing. The reason for that is B2B marketing is highly complex, with lots of processes. You think about big-ticket items and long sales processes, and very complex buying environments with, you know, 6 to 10 people involved in the buying process and long decision cycles. All of that, by the way, is underpinned by hundreds of processes that are very complicated around the way data and lead generation is done.

Decoding the Complexity: B2B Marketing vs. Consumer Marketing

Barry: This is where I’ve spent a lot of my time throughout my career, studying that. The reason I get excited about B2B marketing is that I always look at B2B marketers like, you know, we’re like the chess players. We’re like the three-dimensional chess players, and the consumer market, they play checkers, you know. Now, I don’t mean that to be disrespectful, but I enjoy the complexity of B2B marketing.

Embracing AI in Marketing Science

Barry: So, when you have something so incredibly complex, it lends itself to AI. I’m excited about what we can do with all of those processes. At Demand Science, the work that I’m going to be doing, I call it marketing science. It’s really about taking apart every one of those processes in the B2B marketing continuum, rethinking them, turning them upside down, empowering them, accelerating them, automating them where they are now.

Strategic Implementation of AI in Marketing

Barry: Do you do all of that at once? No. You figure out the ones where there will be the most impact, and you spend your time on them. Some of that is going to require a deep, heavy lift, as we call it. The folks at Demand Science can tell you more about it because we have an AI lab and some folks that are doing some remarkable work around things that are very proprietary and custom.

The Future of AI in Content Creation and Strategy

Barry: There’s no product on the market that’s going to automate that. But then there’s also the surface-level work everybody is going to be using, doing prompt engineering and employing catch-up. Videos like this, I’m sure, will be impacted by how we make AI, the way we do social posts. So, great content is all going to be changed by the way we use AI. I do think that every person involved in B2B marketing and every company involved in B2B marketing is going to be smart if they embrace AI. At Demand Science, we’ve got a first-mover advantage. We’re going to press the advantage. We’re all about AI, and I’m excited about that. I’m excited about how I will facilitate, ultimately, my marketing science vision.”

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