Can AI Enhance the Effectiveness of Your Email Campaigns?


Is AI the key to revolutionizing how you reach inboxes? In today’s Scienz AI Burning Question, we explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence in email marketing.  Rich Bibbins, a seasoned CTO and AI scientist, delves into this topic, bringing his hands-on experience in applying AI to email marketing. He’ll unpack how technologies like Machine Learning, NLP, BI feedback loops, and even RPA can elevate your strategy, from uncovering audience insights to generating dynamic content and boosting your results. 

Rich’s approach focuses on leveraging smart data and innovative feedback mechanisms. He’ll guide you through crucial aspects such as creating AI-enhanced content, developing engaging subject lines, and using A/B testing for impactful yet cost-effective campaign improvements. Additionally, Rich will discuss advanced strategies, including the analysis of past campaigns with machine learning to predict and enhance future successes. 

Watch the video or read the transcript below: 

Introduction to AI-Driven Email Marketing   

“Hi, my name is Rich Bibbins, and I’m here to answer one of your burning science-related questions. 

This one is about how AI can help improve the effectiveness of your email campaigning. The answer is yes. The advent of machine learning and generative AI, and the bi feedback loops from more data collection, can significantly enhance email campaign outcomes.”   

Content Optimization Strategies 

“A common question regarding emails is whether their content can be improved. The answer is absolutely. If you have information about where people have opened your emails in the past, the types of products they’re interested in, and what they tend to search for or the keywords that prompt them to open emails, then I can help tailor these elements.” 

Personalization and Targeting Techniques 

“I can insert relevant keywords or phrases in line with your text, based on the topic of your email, the type of job function you’re targeting, and certain past traits and interest areas. One option is to provide some information to a chatbot and ask for two paragraphs corresponding to these key phrases, giving people a reason to open your email or click through to the asset.”   

Crafting Effective Subject Lines 

“Another area we’ve had success with is subject line preparation. Tailoring them based on job functions or interest areas that recipients have registered with you in the past can significantly impact whether they open the mail. For example, an IT person might be more inclined to open an email that mentions IP or routers, while someone in MarTech might look for terms related to campaign effectiveness.”

“Picking the right subject line and using A/B testing can help you understand what prompts your target audience to open an email or click on a link.”  

Leveraging Machine Learning for Campaign Analysis 

“A more expensive option is using machine learning to analyze past email campaigns to improve future ones. You can look at where someone responded to a particular subject line or showed interest in a certain part of the country in relation to an upgrade program you’re running.” 

“This data can feed into the ranking of your emails, the targeting you use, and the language in both the subject lines and content. This can dramatically affect both the initial impact of the email and the follow-through, as you now have someone who is nearly qualified and ready to engage with the promotion you have for them.” 

Starting Small and Scaling Up 

“As with many things, the question is where to start. My suggestion is always to try some things on a smaller scale, see if they improve, and if they’re worth investing in to scale up. See if there are other complementary things you can do to help. We’ll be covering many of these opportunities in our newsletter and website and look forward to your questions and exchanges in our community. Thank you.” 

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