AI Has Arrived And It Is Here to Stay
Have You Built It Into Your Marketing Plan Yet?

Artificial intelligence, mostly in the form of generative AI, is rapidly reshaping the marketing landscape; organizations that lag in adoption risk becoming obsolete, losing ground to more data-driven, agile competitors. 

What to expect from this report: 

  • Why AI matters for CMOs, helping improve decision-making, enhance customer personalization, drive measurable ROI, and more 
  • Budgeting for AI in your 2024 B2B marketing strategy, applying an ROI-centric and data-driven approach while tracking and analyzing performance at the same time 
  • Starting small and focusing on high-impact areas 
  • Ensuring AI integration compatibility with your existing tools and workflows – plus some choice AI tools for popular marketing technology stacks 
  • Maintaining human oversight and control over AI systems in marketing as AI analytics become increasingly predominant in decision-making 
  • Investing in skills development, with platforms like Coursera and EdX providing comprehensive courses and serving as a valuable repository of informative articles, AI resources, and webinars covering all things AI in the enterprise 
  • Tracking ROI and marketing performance, with three industry-leading brands as use cases for the use of AI in marketing with remarkable results 

Use cases for AI in marketing include:


 Not adopting AI technology yet? Your organization might fall behind quickly.  

  • 80% of enterprise businesses will implement AI in marketing by 2028. 
  • The global market for AI in marketing is poised to reach $93.98 billion by 2032, at a 22.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).  

When weaving AI into your marketing strategy, ensuring that the chosen AI platforms are compatible with your existing martech stack is vital to maintaining a seamless workflow and avoiding disruptions. 


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