Recommended by: Hanna S., Creative Director

AI tool providing credible, source-backed answers for efficient research.


In 1 sentence, what does this tool do?

Perplexity.AI is like ChatGPT if you want it to give you more credible answers (since it provides its sources).

What problems does it solve?

Streamlines content research and fact-checking, offering quick, credible responses for time-poor users.

Go Deeper

How does this tool help your team?

It shortened the content research time for our writers and helped us in fact-checking content.

What do you like/ dislike about this tool?

Like: The sleek interface, the quality of answers, and the Discover page where they curate interesting news. I also like the Focus feature where you can help the AI narrow down its answer.
Dislike: The upgrade process! I think there’s a breakdown in their sales process.
I would have added the Claude-2 capability in my Pro version in my Likes bucket had I been able to try it. Been waiting for our Pro account to be activated.

What tips do you have for beginner users?

Perplexity’s answers do not always refer to the original source but mostly to the sources that ranked higher for your search keyword. In many cases, those sources only cited the original source as well. So do a little digging and backtracking if you want to get to the original source.

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