Recommended by: Richard B., AI Scientist

Integrated platform for data analytics, machine learning, and AI-enablement.


In 1 sentence, what does this tool do?

Dataiku is a one-stop-shop for the BI professional looking to journey from the raw data to the analytics to the machine learning to the low/no-code AI-enablement path.

What problems does it solve?

Aligns data inputs with analytical outputs, facilitating AI-driven predictions and classifications for business intelligence.

Go Deeper

How does this tool help your team?

We have typically implemented this system where the Marketing or BI Analyst group has a basic collect/store/report capability in place, but no capability to predict trends or do even simple linear regression analysis, or to interface with the AI tools that might recommend events like market allocations or failure prediction/response. Dataiku becomes the new foundation that sits above that basic data capability, enabling AI-enabled transactions.

What do you like/ dislike about this tool?

If you are a BI/Analytics pro, this is the suite you want to extend from data to AI-enabled, with minimal coding. In the future, I envision tools like Dataiku to grow in breadth, supporting more AI-enabled scenarios without requiring hard-core AI/ML skillsets.

What tips do you have for beginner users?

This is not a tool for beginners. The way to view Dataiku as the tool for a mid-level BI/analytics professional to begin utilizing machine learning. In that sense Dataiku is the “foundation” tool that such a professional will want to immerse themselves in.

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