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AI tool specialized in summarizing large documents and PDFs.


In 1 sentence, what does this tool do? is mostly used to summarize large documents and pdfs.

What problems does it solve?

Reduces research time by efficiently processing and summarizing extensive texts and documents.

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How does this tool help your team?

Claude 2 can process more than 75,000 words at once, a useful feat if you need help digesting a transcript, report, or other lengthy piece of text. You can upload a variety of files to Claude and it will summarize them or answer questions about specific data points. Claude can also analyze web pages and other files; simply copy and paste the content.

What do you like/ dislike about this tool?

Speed – it’s fast
Context – it is better than ChatGPT picking up what something is about
Real time – it is more updated than ChatGPT – so it handles items that have been updated in near real time

What tips do you have for beginner users?

To get started, browse to the Claude website. Enter the email address you want to use for Claude and then click the button for Continue with email. Check your email for the temporary login code sent to you. Copy and paste that code at the login page and then click the button for Continue with login code. You’re placed at the chat screen where you can start submitting your questions and requests.

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