Adobe Firefly

Recommended by: Judd A., Digital Marketing Associate

AI tool for generating creative graphics and images.


In 1 sentence, what does this tool do?

It generates AI graphics and images.

What problems does it solve?

Streamlines the creation of visual assets, enhancing the design process with AI-generated imagery.

Go Deeper

How does this tool help your team?

Adobe Firefly greatly aids our design team by streamlining the alignment of our vision, facilitating the identification of specific needs, such as finding feature images for blogs, and providing visual design pegs, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing time spent on tasks.

What do you like/ dislike about this tool?

I like Adobe Firefly because it enables me to achieve my desired visual outcomes with simple prompts. However, a drawback is that some images may turn out distorted, which can be a limitation in terms of quality and accuracy.

What tips do you have for beginner users?

Provide clear and specific prompts. The more detailed your instruction, the better the chances of getting the desired output.

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